From Always-On to Always-Agile

Agility is the new reality. After six years of tracking the CMO through qualitative research, this year’s CMO’s Agenda™The Agile Advantage—defines a new way for lead marketers to improve business performance; one that puts Agile at the heart of their corporate culture and operations. Findings reveal 20 percent of CMOs use some form of Agile already. Of those remaining, 82 percent are considering it. 

With Agile, CMOs possess an unprecedented ability to tackle corporate and customer realities for better results; nearly 70 percent of CMOs using Agile said it increases profits and revenues. In this year's report, we detail why and how CMOs are embracing The Agile Advantage in two parts: 

Part One: Agile Marketing MindsetLeaders set the tone. As change-agents, marketing leaders are responsible for modeling and reinforcing the cultural values that create a foundation where agility can thrive. They lead with clear vision, set and help prioritize expectations, remove barriers to keep their teams nimble and promote the Seven Principles of Agility necessary for The Agile Advantage. Get the Mindset.

Part Two:  Agile Marketing MethodologyFormal processes apply. Marketing leaders are establishing formal procedures and creating internal infrastructures that create and sustain The Agile Advantage. Instead of slow, top-down decision-making, the Agile Methodology moves marketing activities at a sprint-like pace. Paired with the Agile Mindset, these processes are being rolled out out across a variety of organizations in a variety of ways – all of which share a direct correlation to increased revenue and growth. Get the Methodology.

Six years and more than 200 interviews later, we know The Agile Advantage is helping modern CMOs do more, better and faster than ever before. Learn how companies like Discover, HP, Hershey’s, SAP and Teradata are prioritizing and embracing The Agile Advantage, advancing organizational agility and ROI.

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